Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CipMap?

The CipMap displays the computer pools (CIP) of the FAU Erlangen graphically and shows, which computers are occupied. Data is only visible from inside the network of the Friedrich Alexander University.

Who built the CipMap?

The CipMap is based on an idea and first version built by Tilman Adler. The current version is built and maintained by several students. The repository and contributers is available at

How can I contact the CipMap team?

Please send an e-mail to

Where do you get your data from?

This site uses the public information which every multi user system provides.

What does "User: N/A" mean?

This message means that there is a user logged in who has not opted in to displaying their username on the site. See below for information how to opt out globally.

What do the times mean?

The server tells me when it last reached the host or when it last checked whether a user was logged in.

What do the colors mean?

Can I access the site from outside the university?

Sure. All you need is a VPN connection to the university network.

How can I make my username show up on the website?

Have a look at our Opt-In page.

I don't want my name to show up there or anywhere else!

When it comes to this website you do not have to do anything: it is an opt-in system, which means you only have to act if you want your name to show up. All names are filtered before they are sent to the users.

I've never heard of these names for the CIPs. What do they mean?

CIP1 and CIP2 refer to the big CIPs on the 1st and 2nd floor respectively. The Bib-CIP owes its name to the fact that there once was a libary ("Bibliothek") where it is now (it is the other CIP on the 2nd floor). The Win-CIP is the CIP with the most windows (it is the other CIP on the 1st floor). The Huber-CIP is in Casa Huber.